We Deliver Plants that Perform

We are one of the leading Oil Processing Plant Manufacturers & Suppliers globally. We are into manufacturing of customized plant & machinery, turnkey projects for Oil & Fats Industry.

Oil Seed Preparation

From cleaning to conditioning, our solutions set the stage for efficient oil extraction.

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Oil Extraction

We pave the way for industries to unlock the full value of their raw materials in oil extraction.

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Oil & Fats Refining

Our precision-driven refining solutions elevate oil and fats to the highest standards of quality.

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Oil Processing

Our oil processing solutions blend technology and tradition, transforming raw materials into valuable products.

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Oleo Chemical

From nature to innovation, Our oleo chemical solutions bridge the gap.

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Our advanced filtration processes ensure purity, clarity, and quality across a range of industries and applications.

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The plant provided by Mectech is capable of manufacturing Bio-diesel conforming to EU (EN 14214) and BIS 15607:2005 standards.

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Pilot Plant

Mectech is one of the Top Pilot Plant suppliers in India and abroad.

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Value Added Projects/Plants

Explore Our Niche Value-Added Plant Range.

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  • Oil Seed Preparation

  • Oil Extraction

  • Oil & Fats Refining

  • Oil processing

  • Oleo Chemical

  • Filtration

  • Bio-Diesel

  • Pilot Plant

Our Offerings

Transforming Industries for Tomorrow

Innovative Projects, Transformative Impact:

Mectech's Engineering Excellence

At Mectech Process Engineers Pvt. Ltd., projects aren't just tasks to be completed; they are avenues for innovation, progress, and transformation.


Projects Supplied


A Trailblazer in the Oil & Fats sector


Years of experience

Mectech, today has emerged as a one of the top Refinery Plant manufacturers in India and abroad one stop shop for the Oil & Fats Industry at large.


Empowering Success through People

At Mectech Process Engineers Pvt. Ltd., we firmly believe that behind every technological marvel and innovative solution is the collective brilliance of our people.


Sustainable Solutions, Lasting Impact

In a world increasingly conscious of its environmental impact, Mectech Process Engineers Pvt. Ltd. takes the lead in marrying innovation with sustainability.

Transforming Minds, Shaping Futures

    We provide best in class engineering services for your plant


    We provide best in class engineering services for your plant


    From the design stage to operation of your plant and beyond, we are there


    Constantly innovate to meet the changing industrial requirement of the customer with the changing market dynamics