Continuous Deodorizer for High FFA Oils

Vegetable oil is heated to the desired temperature in a multi-compartment Vacuum Heater with a counter current flow of vegetable oil and heating medium i.e. High-Pressure Steam or Thermic Fluid.

Pre-heating is gradual and methodical so that all of the oil comes in contact with this sparging system at the free surface exposed to the vacuum.

A packed Column with packings of a large surface area is provided on the top of the Deodorizer. This ensures the reduction of Free Fatty Acids to the desired level.

An additional top heating tray is provided below the Packed Column to compensate for the unavoidable loss of heat due to the evaporation of Fatty Acids.

Perfect deodorization is accomplished by providing large free surfacing area contact between oil and stripping steam at an absolute pressure of 2 m bar. This results in furnishing oil surface layer of numerous bubbles having 5 - 10 mm diameter. These small bubbles burst and they discharge the water vapour saturated with distilled fatty acids and odoriferous compounds. These ascending vapours are immediately and freely taken out into lateral ducts through the large section opening provided on top of each stripping tray. This ensures virtually no pressure drop from the top to the bottom tray.

Deodorization is a process of removing of-flavors, colors and other undesired constituents like free fatty acids from the pretreated and bleached oils.

Mectech supplies 2 kinds of Deodorizers

Inside view of Continuous Deodorizer for high FFA oil

Continuous Deodorizer for high FFA oil

Continuous Deodorizer with Packed Column

Deodorization is a vacuum stripping process in which a given amount of a stripping agent (usually steam) is passed for a given period of time through hot oil at low pressure. Hence, it is mainly a physical process in which various volatile components are removed.

Mectech Advantage
  • Most efficiently designed oil-to-oil heat exchanger fitted in the last tray of the Deodorizer ensures minimum heat energy requirement.
  • Elaborate and efficient design of fatty acid scrubbing recovery system ensures virtually no carry-over fatty acid scrubbing condenser.
  • Most efficiently designed heating coils which prevent charring of oil during the process.

Continuous Deodorizer

nside view of Semi-Continuous Deodorizer for specialty fats

Vital Conditions Required in Deodorization Process

Deodorization is a crucial step in the refining process of edible oils, which removes the unpleasant odor and taste of the oil. The deodorization process involves heating the oil to a specific temperature and passing it through a vacuum chamber, which helps in the removal of volatile compounds responsible for odor and taste.

Here are some of the main process conditions for deodorization:

The temperature of the process is critical as it determines the removal efficiency of volatile compounds. Generally, the temperature ranges from 180°C to 260°C, depending on the deodorization of edible oil that is being processed.


The vacuum condition in the process is important in reducing the boiling point of the volatile compounds, allowing them to be removed easily. The vacuum level ranges from 2 to 10 m bar, depending on the type of oil.


The time of the process is another critical factor that affects the removal efficiency of volatile compounds. The processing time usually ranges from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the type and quality of the oil.

The deodorization of oil is a critical step in the refining process of edible oil. By following the appropriate process conditions, including temperature, vacuum, and time, the process of deodorization can effectively remove unwanted volatile compounds, improving the oil's quality and shelf life.

Benefits of Continuous Deodorization

This process is designed to remove undesirable odors and flavors from oils, resulting in a product that is more desirable to consumers.

The advantages of continuous deodorization of oil are numerous and significant, and they include:

Continuous deodorization of edible oil is a cost-effective method that requires less manpower, energy, and time, resulting in reduced production costs.

Improved quality

Continuous deodorization results in a higher quality product, free from undesirable flavors and odors that further ensures that the oil meets consumer demands and regulatory standards.

Increased production capacity

Continuous deodorization allows for increased production capacity, as the process can be run continuously without interruption.


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