We strive to evolve the Mectech culture

At Mectech Process Engineers Pvt. Ltd., we know that our future success depends on how we nurture great individual talent and help people to flourish.

Through our commitment to our people, our values, embracing diversity and our responsibility to our communities, we aim to create an environment in which our people are proud to work — and to foster a rich pool of talents to support our clients' business. After all, our member firms' reputations are founded on our exceptional people.

To find out about life at mectech Process Engineers Pvt. Ltd., we'd always recommend talking to one of our people.

Discover what some of our people have to say about working here and learn how they have sought, found and grasped opportunities at Mectech Process Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Mectech culture

Why Work at Mectech ?

We worked together right from the start and this involved open communication between us so that we could quickly become a strong team. When it came to the big day, we were ready. We each knew each of our responsibilities and our strengths and weaknesses. And we won.

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Strong Workforce

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


At Mectech, our inclusive culture values diverse perspectives, fostering collaboration that transforms unique strengths into collective success.


We ensure equal opportunities, creating a dynamic and equitable workplace where every individual's unique talents contribute to both personal growth and client success.

Current Openings

We’re looking for people to join the team who are as excited as we are to help build the platform that empowers the future generation of creators to be successful online.


    We provide best in class engineering services for your plant


    We provide best in class engineering services for your plant


    From the design stage to operation of your plant and beyond, we are there


    Constantly innovate to meet the changing industrial requirement of the customer with the changing market dynamics