Physical Refining Plant

This is employed mainly for high FFA oils like Palm Oil and Rice Bran Oil. Physical refining is carried out in two steps

Pre-treatment & Bleaching

The aim of Pre-treatment & Bleaching is to remove minor constituents namely phospholipids, heavy metals and other oxidative components prior to Deacidification/ Deodorization.

Specially designed Pre-treatment & Continuous Bleaching Plant by MECTECH is cost effective and ensures perfect results. Equipment for Pretreatment & Refining designed by MECTECH ensures deacidification by distillation of free fatty acids combined with partial or complete deodorization. Mectech is one of the top Oil Deodorization Systems manufacturers & Deodorizing Plants suppliers in India and abroad.

Deacitification / Deodorization

Salient features
  • The Deaeration and Pre-heating is gradual and methodical so that all the oil comes in contact with this sparging system at the free surface exposed to vacuum.
  • An additional top heating tray is provided in the Deacidifier/Deodorizer to compensate the unavoidable oil cooling of about 8'C due to evaporation of fatty acids.
  • Perfect deodorization is accomplished by providing large free surfacing area contact between oil and stripping steam at an absolute pressure of 2 m bar. This results in furnishing oil surface layer of numerous bubbles having 5-10 mm diameter.
  • These small bubbles burst and they discharge the water vapour saturated with distilled fatty acids and the odoriferous compounds. These ascending vapours are immediately and freely taken out into lateral ducts through the large section opening provided in top of each stripping tray.
  • This ensures virtually no pressure drop from top to the bottom tray. Most efficiently designed oil to oil heat exchanger fitted in the last tray of Deodorizer ensures minimum heat energy requirement. Elaborate and efficient design of fatty acid scrabbling recovery system ensures virtually no carry over of fatty acids into barometric condenser water.

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    We provide best in class engineering services for your plant


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