Mecklear Gravity Filter is the latest innovation in filtration by Mectech.

In this, the filtration process occurs at low pressures thereby restricting the passage of fine wax particles in the filtered oil.

The clarified winterized oil after filtration through the Mecklear Gravity Filter is better as compared to the results obtained from Horizontal pressure leaf filter/ Plate and frame type filter. The Mecklear Gravity Filter ensures removal of wax and stearin in a more scientific manner, while preventing oil spillage and no manpower.

Technical Specifications

Air 0.5 bar pressure
Steam 3 bar pressure
Water Temperature will vary as per process requirement.
Range of temperature 20C to 220C
Working pressure & Temperature Shall vary as per process and technical specifications of oil.

Mecklear Gravity Filter suitable for Dewaxing and Winterization

Rice Bran Oil

Sunflower Oil

Cotton Seed Oil

Corn Oil

Hazelnut Oil

Sesame Oil

Safflower Oil

Salient features of MecKlear Filter

No Hiflow required for filtration, saving in cost of Hiflow and oil loss with it.


No manual operations ensures savings on manpower costs


All operations can be PLC Controlled as per client demands


Enhanced Operational Convenience


Wax/stearin removal after filtration takes shorter time without the need for opening the filter


Prevents spillage due to closed system


Cooling of filter to desired operating conditions for next operating cycle achieved within short time


Saves on maintenance costs as absence of moving part precludes maintenance


Filter element replacement required after lh to 2 years of operation

Mr. Pranov Malviya
Sr. Project Manager
Mr. Hardeep Singh
Vice President

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    We provide best in class engineering services for your plant


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