Fatty Acid Plain_fractional Distillation

The Fatty Acid industry is associated with the production of fatty acids and glycerine processed in a facility provided by the top acid oil plant manufacturers.

Both vegetable oils & animal fats are used as feedstock for fatty acids/glycerine manufacturing. The fatty acids are manufactured in a sophisticated facility provided by the top fatty acid plant suppliers as a distillate mixture or a pure fraction. Pure fractions can be obtained either from the fractionation plant or by selectively choosing the feedstock & carrying out straight distillation.

Fat Splitting Plant

Mectech is one of the top fat-splitting plant manufacturers in India and abroad. In Fat Splitting Plant, a hydrolysis reaction of oil/fat is carried out. The reaction takes place at high pressure and high temperature. Triglycerides (fat/oil) react with water to convert into fatty acids and glycerol.

The Fat Splitting Plant is manufactured by the top fat-splitting plant exporters and is a high-pressure single tower system. The fatty matter proceeding from battery limits is pre-heated and fed to the de-aerator operating under a vacuum.

The de-aerated fat is fed via a high-pressure pump to the bottom of the tower. At bottom of the tower, there is a heat recovery section where de-aerated fat is heated by the existing sweet water. The process water is fed via a high-pressure pump to the top of the splitting tower.

On top of the tower, there is a heat recovery section where process water is heated by the discharging crude fatty acids. The high-pressure splitting tower is provided with temperature controllers.


  • The Pre—Cut Column allows the system to handle the worst possible feedstocks available in the market today like PFAD, Acid Oils, etc., and still produce a high grade Distilled Fatty Acid for Soap Noodles.
  • Optimizes the recovery of heat and produces 3 bar steam for use Reduces the thermal stress on the product by the use of Falling Film Evaporators.
  • Mectech system has a structured packed column for efficient distillation and separation of odors, colors, and fractions.
  • The use of the internal heavy end sections results in the best product color

Fatty Acids Distillation Plant

Mectech is a top fatty acid plant manufacturer in India and abroad. The Fatty Acids Distillation plant is broadly divided into three main sections. viz. de-gasification, pre-cut system, and main distillation system.

These main process sections are supported for optimum cooling based on the thermostated water system in the fatty acid fractional distillation plant. Crude fatty acids from the battery limit are filtered, pre-heated, and admitted to the de-gasifying unit operating under vacuum in a distilled oleic acid plant, where it is dried and de-gasified. Crude fatty acids, from the de-gasifier, are heated in a thermic fluid exchanger and fed to the pre-cut column.

The pre-cut column operates under vacuum and is composed of various sections: starting from the bottom, the main sections are the vaporization section, two sections of distillation packing bed, a pump-around section, and a scrubbing section. From the bottom of the column, the product is sent to the Fatty Acid Distillation column in a continuous acid oil plant.

The main distillation column operates under vacuum in a distilled lauric acid plant and is composed of various sections; starting from the bottom the main sections are the vaporization section, stripping section, one set of washing section, one pump-around section, and one scrubbing section.

Soap Noodles

Fatty acids sourced from Palm Stearin, Rice-Bran Oil, Coconut Oil, Tallow, etc. are typically blended to form fatty acids blend for soap manufacturing. Today all premium-grade soaps are being manufactured from a blend of distilled fatty acid. Mectech's Revolutionary online separation system for fatty acid and glycerine phases is preferred the world over.

Apart from it, the company also manufactures and supplies stearic acid bidding plants, continuous fatty alcohol plants, oleochemical plants, high-pressure oil fat continuous splitting plants, and bakery shortening and margarine plants.

Working principal

The driving force for Static Separator is gravity flow. The Separator is a static device having highly specialized internals and a level controller. The internals is so specially designed that, in the disperse phase smaller droplets get agglomerated on the surface to form bigger globules. This enhances the process of separation of the two phases.

The agglomerated bigger globules represent the Free Disperse Phase and are padded through an environment where sufficiently quiescent conditions are maintained, so that disperse phase globule rises to the continuous phase surface; forming a layer of disperse phase liquid. The removal of both phases from the separator is through the level controller. Both phases are freely discharged under gravity.

Fatty Acid Fractional Distillation

Fractional distillation is used for the separation of Fatty acid mixtures into composite cuts or even individual components.

Fatty Acid Distillation Column

This process is used to produce high-purity fractions of fatty acids in an acid oil plant.

The fatty acids are fractionated in fractionation columns having structured packing which allows high separation efficiency and low pressure drop. Falling films are provided to gently evaporate the liquid phase and vapors are condensed in a surface condenser. The operation depends on the feed composition or is based on the origin of raw material and the product fractions composition or purity. The number of fractional distillation columns is selected and operated in series in a facility provided by the top acid oil plant suppliers in India such as Mectech. The company also provides solutions for processing MUFA, PUFA, and trans-free interesterified oils & fats, EPC project plant for oils & fats, and GE and 3 MCPD color reversion in oils and fats.

Benefits of Setting Up a Fatty Acid Plant

These plants use a fractional distillation process to extract fatty acids from natural sources such as vegetable oils and animal fats.

Here are some benefits that your business can enjoy by investing in a fatty acid plant:

Cost-Effective Production

Fatty acid plants can produce large quantities of fatty acids at a lower cost than purchasing them from external sources as the fractional distillation process is aimed at it.

Consistent Quality

By having a fatty acid plant in-house, you can ensure consistent quality and purity of the fatty acids used in your products.


Fatty acid plants can produce a variety of fatty acids, giving your business the flexibility to cater to different market needs.


Fatty acid plants utilize natural sources, such as vegetable oils and animal fats, which are renewable resources, making them a sustainable production method.

Competitive Advantage

By having a fatty acid plant that uses a fractional distillation process, you gain a competitive advantage by being able to offer high-quality products at a lower cost, helping you to stand out in a crowded market.

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