• Compact continuous automatic operation
  • Permanent long-lasting filter media
  • Total control of input, circulation of filter
  • Liquid and outlet allow smart operation
  • No labor required
  • Very suitable for filtering high volume of low impurity suspended solids of the size 10 microns and larger


  • Low percentage of impurity removal from high volume duty
  • To reduce load on centrifuges

Mectech Advantage

Mectech has been making waves in the vegetable oils & fats industry since 1980. It is synonymous with growth and is often described as the ultimate in extraction, refining and hydrogenation technology. Mectech is the leading Self Cleaning Disk Filter manufacturer in India and abroad.

Counselling the client in selection of the best technology and equipment, suggesting techniques during the stages of the installation and operation and steady monitoring of results from the mainframe of Mectech's turnkey services. Being one of the top Self Cleaning Disk filter suppliers in India and abroad, Mectech supplies automatic self cleaning filter in the following industries:

  • Chemical Industries
  • Edible Oil Industries
  • Pharma Industries
  • Resin
  • Ink
  • Beverage Industry
  • Miscella Filtration


A self cleaning filter is a filtration system that removes contaminants from a fluid or gas without requiring manual cleaning or replacement. This type of filter utilizes an automatic cleaning mechanism to remove particles from the filter surface, allowing it to maintain its effectiveness over time. Self-cleaning filters are commonly used in industrial settings where filtration is critical to maintaining production processes. They are designed to minimize downtime and reduce maintenance costs associated with traditional filters.

There are various types of self-cleaning filters available, including backwash filters, screen filters, and centrifugal filters. These filters work by removing contaminants from the filter media and discharging them through a valve or discharge port. Overall, an automatic self cleaning filter offer cost-effective and reliable solutions for industrial filtration needs, providing a sustainable and efficient way to remove contaminants from fluids and gases.

Automatic self cleaning filter cleaning is a process used in various industries to maintain the effectiveness of air filters. This technology uses a combination of sensors, valves, and software to detect when the filter becomes clogged with dust or debris, and then initiates a cleaning cycle.

During the cleaning cycle, the system will open a valve, which causes a burst of compressed air to blow through the filter in the opposite direction of the airflow. This dislodges the particles accumulated on the filter surface, allowing them to fall into a collection bin below. The process typically takes just a few seconds to complete and can be programmed to occur at regular intervals or triggered by certain conditions.

Automatic self cleaning disc filter cleaning can help reduce maintenance costs, extend the life of filters, and improve air quality in a variety of settings, from manufacturing facilities to homes and offices.

The lifespan of a self-cleaning filter depends on factors such as the frequency of use, the level of contamination in the fluid, and the quality of maintenance. Generally, self-cleaning filters have a longer lifespan than traditional filters since they can automatically remove debris and contaminants without the need for manual cleaning. However, regular maintenance and cleaning are still essential to ensure optimal performance and prevent clogging or damage to the system.

The manufacturer's instructions and recommended maintenance schedules should be followed to extend the life of the self cleaning filter. It is also important to monitor the filter's performance regularly and replace it when necessary to avoid compromising the quality of the liquid being filtered.

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