Mectech provides Connuous Saponificaon Plants ranging in capacity starng from 1 TPH. Soap Noodles are manufactured from the Fay Acids of oil and fats derived from vegetable oil. Soap Noodles have a wide applicaon in the manufacture of Toilet Soaps, Laundry Soaps and Bathing Bars.

Mectech Advantage

  • Plant is Fully Automac.
  • This is the only Connuous Saponificaon plant which gives precise control over free alkali content in Soap Noodle.
  • No external heang of Neat Soap is required which in turn minimizes the ulity consumpon.

Process Description

Measured and controlled streams of Fay phase and aqueous phase, from their respecve constant level dosing tanks, are pre-heated up to 95⁰C (max) before entering into the homogenizer. Fay phase is a blend of fay acids.

The aqueous phase comprises of Causc Lye - to saponify fay acids, Brine Soluon- to maintain the viscosity and other chemicals - to enhance the shelf life of the soap noodle as well as the final product. In the homogenizer, neat soap temperature is raised upto 135⁰C without using any external steam. This rise in temperature is brought about by the heat liberated from exothermic saponificaon reacon. The saponified mass then passes through a loop reactor for maturing and gives a constant flow of neat soap to Vacuum Spray Drier. The neat soap is sprayed into the vacuum spray drier to convert liquid neat soap into dry soap by removing moisture following which it goes into vacuum duplex plodder to produce soap noodles of desired TFM.

We use mass flow meters of very high accuracy (0.1%) and the signal is directly in Mass flow Units. Intensive mixing of the fluids in homogenizer provides a homogenous product at a faster rate.

The connuous process allows easier achievement of a good and constant product quality because the operaons are all instrument based and do not rely on operator inputs. This process produces clean neat soap. Connuous Saponificaon process requires lesser Steam, Water and Power which in turn minimizes Operang Cost and Payback Period.

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